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Fluid Numerics® is continuously developing and supporting the Research Computing Cloud for high performance, high throughput and scientific computing workflows.

Research Computing Cloud (RCC)

An RCC combines scalable system services with scalable licensing structures that fit the needs of today's research and science landscape. Teams can rapidly deploy their own systems using Fluid-Slurm-GCP Marketplace products or engage a team to assist them with their deployment.


Fluid Numerics®' Slurm-GCP is a configurable heterogeneous cloud cluster utilizing Slurm Workload Manager as it's core job management component. System features include swappable multi-partition flexibility, integrations with NFS and Lustre file systems, and image based compute nodes. Our cluster configuration can scale multi-zone to enhance your operations reach and provision resources around the globe. Cloud networking provides a simple solution for integration with your on-premise systems to incorporate a cloud-hybrid infrastructure. Fluid Numerics® offers support for custom integration of Slurm-GCP with your organizations resources, both on-premise and cloud-native.

We have a Click-To-Launch solution available on Google Cloud Marketplace which launches Slurm on GCP in ~5 minutes!

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