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Fluid Numerics® is actively creating and delivering cloud tools for high performance and scientific computing workflows.


Fluid Numerics®' Slurm-GCP is a configurable heterogeneous cloud cluster utilizing Slurm Workload Manager as it's core job management component. System features include swappable multi-partition flexibility, integrations with NFS and Lustre file systems, and image based compute nodes. Our cluster configuration can scale multi-zone to enhance your operations reach and provision resources around the globe. Cloud networking provides a simple solution for integration with your on-premise systems to incorporate a cloud-hybrid infrastructure. Fluid Numerics® offers support for custom integration of Slurm-GCP with your organizations resources, both on-premise and cloud-native.

We have a Click-To-Launch solution available on Google Cloud Marketplace which launches Slurm on GCP in ~5 minutes!

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