Fluid-Slurm-GCP Documentation

This documentation covers the basics of creating and maintaining your fluid-slurm-gcp cluster, managing users within your organization, and using you cluster for executing HPC, HTC, and general scientific computing workloads.

Step One

Provision and set up slurm-gcp from the Google Cloud Marketplace

For System Administrators

Learn how to update compute partitions, external mounts, and slurm users.

For System Users

Learn how to identify compute resources and schedule HPC workloads on Fluid Numerics Slurm-GCP

Obtaining Support

At any time, fluid-slurm-gcp users can obtain support by submitting requests to fluid-slurm-gcp@fluidnumerics.com or posting issues to https://groups.google.com/a/fluidnumerics.com/g/fluid-slurm-gcp. Both mechanisms will post your questions to the public community forum and will result in support tickets being created internally at Fluid Numerics®.

Operations Manual

Below you will find a physical version of our Fluid-Slurm-GCP operations documentation: