CLI Reference

The cluster-services CLI can be accessed from either the login or controller nodes, and can only be executed by a user with root privileges.

$ cluster-services --help


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All Rights Reserved

cluster-services is a tool used to manage fluid-slurm-gcp clusters on Google Cloud Platform.

For more information about fluid-slurm-gcp, go to


cluster-services list all [--format=<fmt>]

cluster-services list partitions [--format=<fmt>]

cluster-services list mounts [--format=<fmt>]

cluster-services list slurm_accounts [--format=<fmt>]

cluster-services update config

cluster-services update all [--preview] [--config=<string>]

cluster-services update partitions [--preview] [--config=<string>]

cluster-services update mounts [--preview] [--config=<string>]

cluster-services update slurm_accounts [--preview] [--config=<string>]

cluster-services validate config [--config=<string>]

cluster-services add user <username>

cluster-services clear users

cluster-services sample all [--format=<fmt>]

cluster-services sample partitions [--format=<fmt>]

cluster-services sample mounts [--format=<fmt>]

cluster-services sample slurm_accounts [--format=<fmt>]

cluster-services setup

cluster-services system-checks

cluster-services -h | --help

cluster-services --version


list all List the current cluster config to stdout in specified format.

list partitions List the current cluster partitions to stdout in the specified format.

list mounts List the current cluster mounts to stdout in specified format.

list slurm_accounts List the current cluster slurm_accounts to stdout in specified format.

update config Update the default cluster config from instance metadata item "cluster-config".

update all Update partitions, mounts, and users using the specified cluster config file.

update partitions Update partitions using the specified cluster config file.

update mounts Update mounts using the specified cluster config file.

update slurm_accounts Update Slurm users using the specified cluster config file.

validate config Validate the specified cluster configuration file.

add user Add a Slurm user to a default Slurm account with access to all compute partitions.

clear users Remove all Slurm users from the default slurm account.

sample all Provide a sample cluster-config schema to stdout.

sample partitions Provide a sample partitions yaml-block to stdout.

sample mounts Provide a sample mounts yaml-block to stdout.

sample slurm_accounts Provide a sample slurm_accounts yaml-block to stdout.

setup Perform initial cluster setup steps.

system-checks Perform a set of system checks for the node this is executed from.


-h --help Display this help screen

--preview Preview expected changes for an update, but do not execute.

--format=<fmt> Output format (json|yaml) [default: yaml]

--config=<string> Cluster configuration file [default: /apps/cls/etc/cluster-config.yaml]