The Fluid Numerics fork of the slurm-gcp repository provides modules for creating and maintaining fluid-slurm-gcp deployments with HashiCorp’s Terraform. The easiest method to get started with Terraform on Google Cloud is to use terraform within your Cloud Shell.

Centos-7 (Default)

Image selfLink : projects/fluid-cluster-ops/global/images/fluid-slurm-gcp-centos-7-v4


Controller : projects/fluid-cluster-ops/global/images/fluid-slurm-gcp-controller-ubuntu-v2-5-0

Login : projects/fluid-cluster-ops/global/images/fluid-slurm-gcp-login-ubuntu-v2-5-0

Compute : projects/fluid-cluster-ops/global/images/fluid-slurm-gcp-compute-ubuntu-v2-5-0


Image selfLink : projects/fluid-cluster-ops/global/images/fluid-slurm-gcp-ubuntu-2004-v4

Managing Resources With Terraform

Recommended Reading : https://cloud.google.com/solutions/managing-infrastructure-as-code

For organizations looking to maintain their cluster resources long term, we recommend that you version control your organization’s Terraform scripts in a Git repository, either through Google Source Repositories, Github, or Bitbucket. Additionally, you can couple your repository with Google Cloud Build to help automate the creation of terraform plans and the execution of terraform apply.