Cloud-HPC Package Management

Manage your HPC packages on Fluid-Slurm-GCP using the Spack package manager. This solution provides an easy-to-use CLI to build HPC packages from source. We've set up Spack on this cluster so that packages are automatically available across the login and compute nodes, while being hosted in the /apps directory.

Create and deploy custom virtual machine images on your cluster's compute nodes. This style of HPC package management leverages Google Cloud Build and Packer to create virtual machine images that you can deploy on your cluster. This strategy promotes continuous integration workflows for applications deployed on your cluster.

Containerize your applications using Google Cloud Build, Docker, and the Google Container Registry. Deploy them safely on your cluster using Singularity at run-time. This strategy promotes continuous integration workflows, much like creating custom VM images, but allows you to ship your applications to customers outside of your cluster infrastructure.