What is WRF-GCP ?

WRF-GCP is a virtual machine image for Google Cloud Platform that you can use to run WRF on standalone GCE instances or with other HPC solutions, like Slurm-GCP.

Fluid Numerics offers WRF-GCP to you in three possible forms

  1. Free, use-at-your-own-risk, open-source solution on the hpc-apps-gcp repository

  2. Free, use-at-your-own-risk, public VM image. You can reference our image in deployments using the image self-link projects/hpc-apps/global/images/wrf-gcp-slurm-gcp-centos7-latest

  3. Supported VM image with a scalable license fee ( $0.01 USD/vCPU/hour ). This solution entitles you to basic support from Fluid Numerics to help you get started with your project. Learn more about your benefits by checking out the WRF-GCP End-User License Agreement.


Work through codelabs to quickly get started with running WRF on Google Cloud.

Reach out to the Fluid Numerics HPC team for support.