MANAGED CLUSTER USER NOTICE: If you are utilizing a managed cluster hosted on a private domain, remember to replace @fluidnumerics.cloud with @private.domain.

For example, if you have been issued an account like [username]@ocean.waterchange.org, [username]@ocean.waterchange.org would replace [username}@fluidnumerics.cloud in the example commands and references below.

Getting Started

New Account Notifications

When your account is provisioned, you will receive two emails

  1. Someone on the Fluid Numerics team will notify you that your account has been created.

  2. An automated email will be sent from Google Workspace like "Your Google Account password for YOUR.DOMAIN has been reset by your administrator". Follow the directions in this email to set a secure password for your account.

  3. Follow the instructions below to access the Fluid-HPC App, Generate SSH Keys and add SSH keys to your account for secure cluster access.

For Google Workspace users, open a separate browser window that is logged into your newly provided account credentials from your password reset email. Using the same browser session with two sets of Google credentials will cause conflicts when accessing the Fluid-HPC App and other resources for your new account.

Fluid-HPC App

Once you have set your password with your fluidnumerics.cloud account, you will need to download the Fluid-HPC app for iOS or Android, or go to the desktop version of the app. When logging in, you will need to use your fluidnumerics.cloud account; this app is restricted to fluidnumerics.cloud users.

Getting Started with Cloud Shell (Recommended)

We recommend that you use cloud shell with your new account to access the cluster.

  1. In your browser, navigate to Cloud Shell

  2. Create a new SSH key. At the prompts, enter a password to protect your private SSH key.
    ssh-keygen -t rsa

  3. Copy your new public SSH key (Do not post your private key!) and add it to your profile in the Fluid-HPC app, under the SSH keys tab. To view your public SSH key, use the following command :
    cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub
    To add your public key, click the "+" symbol. Give the key a unique name in the "Key Name" field. Click "Save" when you are done.
    Please give the system 15 minutes to propagate new keys before attempting to login to the cluster.

  4. You can find the login-node's address in the HPC Clusters page of the Fluid-HPC app. SSH into the cluster's login node by simply running the following command from cloud shell :
    ssh LOGIN-NODE
    replacing LOGIN-NODE with your login node's address.

Getting Started with a 3rd Party System

If this is the first time you are using a public SSH key, follow these instructions to generate a key to use for your profile before moving onto next steps.

If you have a public SSH key to use already, please follow these recommended best practices to ensure your key complies with OS HPC Cluster security requirements:

~/.ssh/ directory permissions :

~/.ssh should have 700 (rwx------) permissions command:

chmod -R 700 ~/.ssh

~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub (or your public key) should have 644 (rw-r--r--) permissions command

chmod 644 ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub

~/.ssh/id_rsa (or your private key) should have 600 (rw-------) permissions command

chmod 600 ~/.ssh/id_rsa

Specify identity file and verbose flags in ssh command:

* Add the -i flag and specify the full path to your public ssh key

* Add the -v flag to provide verbose output

ssh -i /path/to/id_rsa.pub -v [username]@fluidnumerics.cloud

Access to your managed HPC cluster is authenticated using SSH Keys. Before you can log in to the cluster, you will need to add at least one SSH key to your profile. Users manage their own SSH keys through the Fluid-HPC app where they can also manage account information.

Add SSH Keys

To add SSH Keys, first open the Fluid-HPC App using your new account credentials and grant permissions to the app, then follow these three steps:

  1. Navigate to the SSH Keys page

  2. Click the "+" symbol to add an ssh key.

  3. Copy the contents of an OpenSSH compliant public SSH Key into the "ssh key" field (Do not post your private key!) . Give the key a unique name in the "Key Name" field. Click "Save" when you are done.

Please give the system 15 minutes to propagate new keys before attempting to login to the cluster.

Log in to the cluster

Once you have added an SSH key to your account, you can try logging into the cluster. The cluster's address is found on the "Clusters" page of the Fluid-HPC app.

If you have been assigned the account "someone@fluidnumerics.cloud", your username on the cluster is "someone", and you can ssh with

ssh someone@LOGIN-IP

Getting Support

If at any time you have an issue with your account, reach out to our support team!